So, What Caused the Fish Kill?

I just finished my first summer book, Something Stinks! It was a great read and I really enjoyed the adventure and mystery. I was transported to the Higdon River to figure out what was causing all those fish to die. I couldn’t put the book down until the mystery was solved!

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Emily Sanders is a typical seventh grader – reluctant to see the summer end, she is dealing with BFF drama with her friend Leanne as she heads back to school in her small Virginia town and discovers that, well, Something Stinks!. When she stops by to see her Uncle Joe and Aunt Sylvie, Emily gets a whiff of something nasty. Her uncle tells her that now and then scores of dead fish clog the river near his apple orchard. He can’t figure out why and the local authorities haven’t taken much interest in helping him. Once school starts Emily joins her school newspaper and begins looking for stories beyond the middle school world of football and bad cafeteria food. The adventure begins as she explores the science of the river and the businesses that line its banks.

Something Stinks! author Gail Hedrick is the newest contributor to Tumblehome Learning

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